We at Benuage provide expertise in Software Procuremet,CTO services and Automation Services.

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Software Procurement Management

Monitor software licenses and reduce the cost and management effort managing your software portfolio. Optimize your IT spending with robust IT license management services provided by Benuage experts. Most organizaton overlook the license managemement that lead to renewal of license that are no longer in use or under utilized. Inefficient license management may leads to non-compliance, resulting in a huge fine. To address the problems, Benuage with its best practices approach to IT license management—helps organizations record and manage software licenses, significantly reducing unwanted IT spending and ensuring audit-readiness.

  • Contract Analysis
  • Negotiation Support
  • license Optimization
  • Renewal Management

CTO Services

Benuage CTO-as-a-service (CTOaaS) is high end exclusive service offered to our customers.

Benuage CTO-as-a-Servic is an avenue offered to companies to employ our CTO consulting services. Our CTOaaS enables companies to continue harness the skills and experience when they avail our service but at a more manageable cost, paying only for the services they need.

  • Full Time CTO Service
  • Fractional CTO Service
  • Part-Time CTO Services
  • Interim CTO Services

Automation Services

Intelligent automation is process improvement through redesign, enhancing underlying data system capabilities and exploring the use of innovative technology solutions. IA is realized when viewing a process with an automation lens to identify opportunities for enhanced efficiency and consistency with reduced manual effort.

Intelligent automation (IA) & Hyper-automation (HA) Hyper-automation is a state in which organizations use a right combination of IA, AI and ML to rapidly identify and automate all possible business processes.

It combines the right technologies in order to assess, automate, design, measure and manage business processes across the enterprises. It’s a complete end-to-end automation by using the technologies which includes but not limited to Robot Process Automation (RPA), Process Mining, iBPMS, iPaaS, Artificial Intelligence and MLs

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